Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A new natural waterfall!

Drainage off the newly dug out bluff rocks is always a bit of a problem. So I made a few smaller dry creek run-offs to help the flow find its way. In some cases, you help a little of the rock dislodge with a hammer and a rock chisel. There was a definite natural fall line - and it looked liked there was bluff rock underneath. So, out comes the power washer! Now we have a new natural waterfall between the two houses - one that we can enjoy!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tom Brazil is my Hero!!!

Got a slow start today. It was wet, the rain actually kept us up a bit during the night with the metal roof in the big house. So I enjoyed the morning first - kind of piddled around, and unloaded the truck.

We have a guy helping us clear the land between the bluff and the small creek down by my house. You can walk from the table on the old bluff (we have lots of bluff now) all the way to the old auxiliary creek pump much like the south 40 has been for a few years now. Very nostalgic - this was once the only creek front we had. Brings back lots of memories of dad sitting on the stump of a cut off tree - one of my new roosts! Not only is it a nice area to enjoy, but since Tom has finished clearing Snake Island of everything but a couple of trees, you can see all the way across to the big creek. They had cleared some of the brush before, but burned a lot of it off since I was here last. I noticed a couple of spots that looked like you could have a natural waterfall (right where the bluff and dry creek drains) by clearing off some dead grass and dirt. So that is what I did. Amazing sitting spot!!!