Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fall at Flint

One parting shot on my way out of here this trip... always so sad to go!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Wet Firecracker Island

The water is still pretty high. Firecracker island is mostly under water. I took a walk down the creek to see water levels on the newer property.

A Path More Travelled

I was really tired of all the stacked rock and muddy walkways that remained. I had tried to be respectful and patiently wait on Mike to finish where he left off. But I finally ndecided to throw them down on my own - saving mom some money. What would have taken days by other means was done in a couple of hours! And now we have rock paths going everywhere! You could go all the way from either house on rocks with no shoes all the way to the garage! I am amazed sometimes when I remember the very first path dad laid between the two houses so long ago - and then the massive steps down to the bluff I dug out a few years ago...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Waterfall in Action!

The natural waterfall I dug out last trip has been quite active with all the rain and water run-off. This view is looking down. There is about a five foot drop down to the creek - this shot does not really show that.

Walled In

We finally have walls on the garage - but no roof or door yet. This picture also shows the spot where one of the trees had to be cut down and dug out. Both trees on the creek side of the putting green were dead and we did not want them to break in half and do damage to the green. I think these were cut down before the last trip in August but I did not mention them then. At first it was very stark and quite unsettling. But with the amazing landscaping mom did and the clearing that Tom did of the lower bluff, I hardly miss them!