Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Drunk Drivers

While mom was in Denton getting Baby William's room ready, some drunks took a flying leap off the road and down into our property. Down into the creek, in fact. They did quite a bit of damage and it's a miracle they are alive. However.... the guy who pulled them out did the most damage and trashed/ripped out several trees. Trees can not be replanted and mom had just spent quite a bit of money getting that area cleaned up - made the area so much more beautiful and enjoyable...

A before shot from July 4th and an after shot AFTER the clean-up from the wreck when I got here.

Planting rocks... again!

Another new bed off the golf course! Scrounged what rocks we had left to make this bed. Looks much better with the path edged!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Deck for the Garage

In between the new back porch build and the blue house addition, Steve had time to build a deck for the garage. Necessary once parking in the garage, the deck will provide a safe walkway for mom. He ended up making it deeper to provide a covered workspace for projects and even covered it so we could still work in the rain. Gorgeous approach using the rebar and dad's fancy columns (meant for another project at one time).