Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Day

The cranes hanging by the golf course continue to fade and fall back to earth. I saw these two the morning of Christmas Eve next to a frozen birdbath on the golf course.

Another winter at Flint without Dad.

But he is here: in the horse across the street that is oddly entranced by me one morning, in the little things at Flint that are constant reminders, in the odd double meteor blazing across the sky, in the flurry of brilliantly red cardinals we now have (including four sitting on the back of the swing Christmas morning), and in the snow or even just some little white snow flurries that seem to grace every Christmas Day!

Bird in the Hand

I held a cardinal in my hands today.

A beautiful male cardinal with his little heart pounding so fast. He had been trapped on theh patio of the little house (screen door open) and was having a hard time finding his way out. He kept flying into the screen and I was worried he would hurt himself. I tried and tried to direct him with no success. Jake's interest was no help

either! He finally flew to the golf clubs and was kind of between the screen and the clubs, flustered and weary. I started talking to him with a soothing voice and crept up on him slowly and he allowed me to grab him. He was so beautiful and his heart was just pounding! I held him close and let him calm down. I wasn't sure if he was hurt or not. I went over to the other house to show mom through the window - I didn't know if she had ever seen one up close. She came out of the house and admired him for a few seconds. I walked over to a bird bath as to set his feet down on it, and he flew immediately away - just fine!

Maybe a visit...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

RIP My Little Girl

I had never done this part before, just handed off a little one to Daddy to take care of... A different level of finality for sure!